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Children and Teens

To grow up is to be in a constant state of change.  My goal in working with children and teens is to help the process of growing up be as painless as possible.  Sometimes this means providing children and teens a therapeutic space of their own as they conquer life's difficulties and other times this means working with families to create an environment that better fosters the mental health needs of all of its members.Family conflict, depression, self-harm and risk taking behavior, anxiety, self-image and insecurity, grief and loss, divorce and separation, lack of motivation, individuation and behavioral issues are all common concerns I work with.Being a teenager is hard but it can be even harder when you’re dealing with depression, anxiety or trauma. I help teens who are struggling learn to cope better and feel happier with their lives. I’ve worked with teens since 1988 and know what it takes to connect with them. I enjoy getting to know them, seeing them grow and change and feel better about their lives.

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