What if we told you there are very predictable stages that couples go through in their relationships, and that couples therapy can help you through even the most difficult issues you may be facing?


Marriage and couples counseling provides a neutral setting to learn effective ways to communicate and resolve problems within a relationship, to clarify goals and to enhance intimacy or reduce conflicts.

Couples counseling can help your relationship even if you've been stuck at an impasse for a long time and feel totally hopeless. If your relationship feels stuck and you haven't figured out how to get through a conflict from beginning to end without giving up, getting enraged or walking out, you can rest assured knowing that the vast majority of all struggling couples are stuck at the same stage where you're stuck, and that it is often very normal to be stuck in this way. Marriages are complicated, individual and relationship problems sometimes overlap. Some issues, like affairs, are obvious. Other's, like general discontent, are less so. Couples therapy can help relationships recover and repair even when the hardest issues such as infidelity, substance abuse and other seemingly impossible obstacles have occurred.